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Andrea Minazzo, freelance drummer


Since I was 14, I have volunteered and worked in summer camps with kids from 6 to 12 years old, sharing my passion for music. I was pleased to see many of them developing a newfound interest in music and picking up various instruments.

These experiences made me fall in love with education and the art of teaching, so I'm always looking to improve and develop new methods to help my students reach their goals.

ABOUT the lessons


Whether you just want to have fun playing along to your favourite songs or work on specific topics, I can tailor my lessons to suit your goals.

Lessons are available in English and Italian

In-person lessons

If you live in the Brighton area you can choose to come and learn in my studio. This way you will have access to the best hands-on learning experience!

track your progress!

Upon request, I can record you while you play with high-quality microphones so you can track your progress over time.

Recording gear

ZOOM lessons

If you can't attend in-person lessons or simply prefer to study from home, I'm happy to teach you remotely through Zoom. 

Online drum lessons

If you are interested in booking a lesson with me, you can also send me an email at

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